• Specialized in Product and People Photography, 2D Postproduction.
  • Based in Vienna, Austria.
  • +43 (0)699 150 49 570
  • office (@) kidizin.com
  • personal work on www.christophhofbauer.eu



With a Master’s-Certificate in Photography and a strong drive for state-of-the-art technology, I offer innovative high-quality work.
I specialize on Product and People Photography.
Feel free to contact me for any further Information.

2D Post-Production

I developed an early interest for digital image manipulation at the age of 14 when I first came in touch with Adobe Photoshop and the endless possibilities it offers. Ever since it became a powerful tool for me and my clients, turning concepts to reality.


Since technology became advanced enough to give my camera the ability to film in a cinematic way, I was captivated by motion picture. I taught myself to produce music videos, adverts or image videos from scratch, giving me the ability of a full visual supervision for my clients.



Christoph Hofbauer, Vienna

Photography & Postproduction

e-Mail: office@kidizin.com


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